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Our workshop is manned by woodworking craftsmen. We use the latest woodworking equipment combined with traditional skills to produce outstanding results. Whilst the majority of our projects use timber, we have also embraced modern synthetic materials for bathroom, kitchen and washroom applications.  From renovation work to new build you can be confident that a Summers job will be ‘built to last’.

Working amongst the beauty and tradition of the grounds at New College made it all the more gratifying to be able to contribute the college’s history and stunning surroundings.


Restoration Men

Rennovation and restoration work is one of our specialities. To achieve outstanding results requires a thorough understanding of what our clients wish to achieve. Only with our considerable experience is it possible to produce work in keeping with existing installations. Almost all our work is installed and fitted by our own workmen to ensure the finished product is as functional as it is attractive.

Our empathy with the end result means we ensure our customer’s expectations are matched and often exceeded by the results we achieve.

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Whilst wood is one of the most hard wearing and flexible materials with which to work, there are times when modern materials are more appropriate.  For an economical solution and where cleanliness and hygiene are at a premium, modern synthetics are a very good option.

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